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Although stepping up to the duties of hosting seem daunting, there’s nothing more rewarding than throwing an incredible dinner party. Ethyl Tigley event coordinator, believes the secret to being a great host is doing it often. Penthouse Catering has taken dinner parties to a new level and made spending quality time with guests even easier. “Having friends to your home is more intimate than meeting at a restaurant,” he says. “We get to share our favorite wines, which we bring and don’t have to pay restaurant overhead for, all of which is topped off with incredible food. Not to mention we are able to linger longer and can socialize with everyone in the party rather than just an adjacent seat mate.” While practice makes perfect, here’s a few tips that can allow you to be the host or hostess without the hassle.


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By taking care of these items early, you’re able to rest easy knowing that come the week of the party you won’t be stressed with the larger items:

  1.  Book your event with Chef Russell Auckbaraullee & staff of Penthouse Catering and finalize the menu! Email prospective guests and ask them about any allergies. (this is very important to develop menus).
  2. Set the scene: Plates, utensils, bar napkins, dinner napkins, bathroom napkins. Making sure you have sufficient plating for everyone is essential, and an easy item to correct with plenty of time. Whether it’s rentals or borrowing from friends, make sure you’ve got the plateware squared away.
  3. Cover it Up: Tablecloths for the tables, serving stands and bar. Keeping things clean makes any residual clean up easy and presents an element of sophistication.
  4. Stay Hydrated: Water, wine & champagne glasses are a must, so make sure you’ve got enough for all your guests. You can always rent any of the above if necessary, and Penthouse Catering makes it easy to do so.
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Flowers: Add a splash of color to any table setting with flowers, but try to avoid tall-stemmed bouquets so your guests can still converse across the table. Purchase them as close to event as possible so they are fresh, no more than 1-3 days prior.

  1. Drinks: Wine, beer, champagne, rose, liquor, and non-alcoholic beverages including sodas and Pellegrino are great to have on hand so your guests have option.
  2. Candles: Nothing sets the mood for a wonderful evening like the soft glow of candles twinkling. Purchase unscented for the tables and scented for the bathroom.
  3. Firewood: If applicable purchase and have accessible for inside/outside fireplaces so that when dinner is over you can all relax by the fire’s glow.
  4. Music: Charge your iPhone and have a mix ready. Music sets the mood, so be sure that you’ve got the right tunes for what you’re trying to achieve.
  5. Clean: You’ll want to tidy up the house the day before. This makes sure your place looks tip top for guests and also ensures that you have time to take care of the final tasks the day of your event.
  6. Print menu: Even though you have a chef at your disposal, a printed menu creates an air of elegance, and let’s be honest… who doesn’t want a sneak peek at what’s about to show up.



2-3 hours before guests arrive:

  • Penthouse Catering stores a couple large bags of ice and in coolers/freezer
  • Take out and place on tables/bar: wine, decanters, bins, corkscrew, foil cutter and  wine pour
  • Place tablecloths on the main table, bar table, and any small silver.
  • set the table with plates, flatware, cups (wine/water), candles and flowers if applicable.
  • Infuse water in pitchers with cucumbers, citrus and/or strawberries
  • Place firewood  in fireplaces (if applicable) and light when appropriate
  • Place bathroom napkins and scented candle in bathroom

1 hour before guests arrive:

  • Place any drinks that need to be chilled in the ice bucket
  • Place firewood  in fireplaces (if applicable) and light when appropriate
  • Place scotch, lo-ball glasses and ice in bar if you’re going to imbibe
  • Set out copy of menu on table(s)

30 minutes before guests

  • Light the candle in bathroom and on table(s)
  • Turn on your music playlist

Et Voila! Now it’s time to put on your entertaining finest, open up that first bottle of bubbly and enjoy the company of your guests. Remember that your Penthouse Catering chef will arrive approximately 2-3 hours beforehand to begin preparation, and with your chef hard at work in the kitchen, rest assured that you can enjoy your evening without the hassle of, well, anything.


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Imagine… custom invitations, exotic locations, savory appetizers, delicious food paired with fine wine, fragrant flowers, embellished bouquets, beautifully piped cakes, the perfect music and candles flickering. Your wedding should be original, intimate, personal, and most of all stress-free. Penthouse Catering creates your dream day for you with experienced ease.

Since Penthouse Catering is accustomed to working with different spiritual and ethnic traditions, we are happy to personalize any of our wedding packages to honor your culture and customs, kosher or halal we got it. We insist on your complete satisfaction. With sincere attention to each and every detail we can provide all of the elements that lend themselves to the most timeless moment of your life, whether it be a casual afternoon gathering outside or an elegant five-course dining affair. Allow Penthouse Catering to cordially invite you to your dream wedding…

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Our event professionals have the years and experience to readily assist you with your next:

  • Recruiting Event
  • Corporate Lunch
  • Team Building
  • Promotions/ Awards
  • Retirement Party
  • Store Opening
  • Product Launch
  • Non-profit Gala
  • Fundraiser
  • Trade Show
  • Corporate Summit
  • Ground Breaking
  • Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony

…and much, much more!

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  • In-home Dinner Parties
  • Cocktail Parties
  • Corporate Events & Meetings
  • Cooking Demonstrations
  • Anniversary & Birthday Parties
  • Graduation Parties
  • Summer BBQs
  • Wedding & Baby Showers
  • Wedding Receptions
  • Bar & Bat Mitzvahs

We also do

  • Staffing (chefs, bartenders, wait-staff etc.)
  • Floral Arrangements & Decor
  • DJs/Bands
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